Why Annual AC Tune-Ups Are Crucial for Your Home’s Comfort and Efficiency


The Importance of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

As the summer heat approaches, many homeowners are turning their thoughts to the comfort of their cool, air-conditioned homes. However, without proper maintenance, your AC system might not be up to the task of keeping you comfortable all season long. That’s where Thorsen’s-Norquist Plumbing, Rooter Service, Heat & Air comes in as your AC repair and air conditioning installation experts.

Benefits of Annual AC Tune-Ups

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system offers several advantages:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Lower utility bills
  • Extended lifespan of your AC unit
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Reduced risk of unexpected breakdowns

What Does an AC Tune-Up Include?

When you schedule a tune-up with Thorsen’s-Norquist, our skilled technicians will perform a comprehensive check of your system, including:

1. Cleaning or replacing air filters
2. Checking refrigerant levels
3. Inspecting and cleaning condenser coils
4. Lubricating moving parts
5. Testing thermostat functionality
6. Examining electrical connections

The Cost of Neglect

Skipping annual maintenance might seem like a way to save money in the short term, but it can lead to costly repairs or even premature system replacement down the line. A well-maintained AC unit can last 15-20 years, while a neglected one might fail in half that time.

Don’t wait until your AC breaks down on the hottest day of the year. Contact Thorsen’s-Norquist Plumbing, Rooter Service, Heat & Air today to schedule your annual AC tune-up and ensure your home stays cool and comfortable all summer long.

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